Welcome to Brave Parents.


A group of parents – all with children in treatment – were introduced to each other. It was an eye opening meeting as we each realized that we were neither alone in the world nor in our own neighborhood. 

We are all at different points in our journeys. Some of us are veterans, having had children in treatment for several years. Some are newbies, who have recently said goodbye to their children, and some are on “the other side,” with young adult children living independently. And, of course, some are entering this world for the first time, faced with overwhelming decisions about the future for their children.

We started meeting monthly in November 2015, and the group has continued to grow each month. Although some of our members may have therapeutic experience, we do not provide professional advice. We provide the wisdom and experience of parents who have gone through this process.

Wherever you are in the process, we “get it”.  We know how hard this is and the toll that it takes on parents and families. We also know that it’s not your fault. Our parents come to listen, talk and support each other in this difficult task of parenting.